15 Times Anime Characters Were An Unstoppable One-Man Army

TV | June 10, 2020

One way to showcase how awesome an anime character is is to show them taking on a huge group of opponents in battle. Win or lose, it’s still exciting to see a character persevere despite extremely long odds. Let’s get pumped by checking out some of these awesome one vs many anime fights.

The first such fight to come to many anime fans is when a newly revived Madara Uchiha annihilates the Shinobi Alliance without breaking a sweat in Naruto. A lesser-known example is from Inuyashiki, a show in which an elderly man with the body of a superpowered cyborg takes on the yakuza to save a kidnapped girl. 

Which of these fights gets your blood pumping?

Zachary Hewitt

Zachary Hewitt

Zachary Hewitt is a Chicago-born California-based writer/editor with over six years of experience creating smart and compelling content for various high-profile brands, including Life & Style Weekly and the American Kennel Club. He considers himself a pop culture fanatic who spends way too much time binging shows on Netflix and scrolling through Twitter.

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