Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Watermelon Flavor and It’s Bright Pink

September 9, 2020

Mountain Dew fanatics rejoice! There’s a new flavor in town, and people are saying it’s the best yet…As we cling onto the last remains of summer… Mountain Dew has come through with a last-minute summer-inspired flavor.And, it’s safe to say…

The Best National Burger Day Deals For Pick-Up, Delivery, Or Drive-Thru

May 29, 2020

Today is National Burger Day which means if you aren’t already eating a burger you either didn’t know until just now (food holiday saturation) or you’re just not down with burgers (meat not implied). Regardless, you’re here now, so let’s celebrate the near-perfect food combination that is the burger — rivaled only by pizza, shwarma, and burritos […]

Stone Brewing’s Founder Shares His Thoughts On The State Of Craft Beer

May 15, 2020

Turning dreams into reality is an arduous road, full of pitfalls. No one knows this better than Greg Koch — who helped usher in the craft beer movement as we know it in the United States. Back in ’96, Koch and brewer Steve Wagner opened up Stone Brewing in San Marcos, California with the now-retired but still […]

A Sushi Chef Gives Us Tips For Making Japanese Food At Home

May 6, 2020

By now you’re probably sick of eating all the store-bought snacks and easy-to-make foods you’ve been living off of since quarantine hit. It’s undoubtedly getting old fast. But time is on your side, friend, which is exactly why you should be using these long days to start mastering the restaurant-level foods that you haven’t been able to […]

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