We spoke to the TikTok teen raising 37,000 tadpoles in her backyard

Animals | May 25, 2020


The best account on TikTok stars 37,927 tadpoles.

Run by 17-year-old Hannah McSorley, @.baby.frogs delivers soothing montages of tadpoles wriggling around in an inflatable pool, nibbling on a curated diet of salad and fish. Featuring educational voiceovers in McSorley’s upbeat Irish accent, the daily updates are an appealing combination of relaxing and bizarre. Like, how on earth did this girl wind up raising 37,927 tadpoles in her backyard?

Zachary Hewitt

Zachary Hewitt

Zachary Hewitt is a Chicago-born California-based writer/editor with over six years of experience creating smart and compelling content for various high-profile brands, including Life & Style Weekly and the American Kennel Club. He considers himself a pop culture fanatic who spends way too much time binging shows on Netflix and scrolling through Twitter.

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